Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yes we can!

We have to get universal care now...not later, not yesterday. I am appalled by the number of politicians who are supporting big insurance companies. Yet another slice of proof that campaign funding is wrong as it stands. We need to pull it away from private and make it public and away from corporations. I can't believe I hear public officials sad that there won't be higher profits for the insurance companies as if that means we have suddenly devolved into Marxism. what is wrong with our system? Why is there so much resistance. I can vouch Universal care won't solve all of our woes but it will improve our lives immediately.

I am ready for this shift and I support Obama. I am also happy Norm Coleman finally slinked away what a bother!

We deserve to become the greatest country in the world not because we say so but because we are.

We deserve it!


glt said...

Ya' know you're preaching to the preacher with me here! Ha ha...

Finally got to hear your whole show with Santiago, Tb and Angie...maybe they only let FB people on air, har.
Tb talks louder than he writes doesn't he. Maybe he forgot to take his earplugs out! BTW, He's in the Baltimore area---big jazz scene.
I like hearing people I know talking.
Ain't that weird. Still a few kinks to work out but a good start.
Keep on truckin', sweets.

glt said...

P.S. next time you should ask him about his new tune where he sings...
"Got Me A Black Woman". It's great.

Bobby said...

The Unions have sucked all the profits out of this country and now were failing in all regions of business. We could take a big lesson from the Japanese whom have universal health care through the government. Also This country has been talking environmental issues for 4 decades now and not Jack has been done. We should build an over head train system right down the middle of the freeway from Sacto to L.A. from Bleach coke and other plastics and create a magnetic bullet train. This would lower emisions and rid the land fills of plastics Only our stupid state Governor Arnold Turn your back on your friends Doesnt know how to do it. But I do!