Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tripping and other necessities

Listening to a study from (John Hopkins University) being reviewed and talked about on CNN heartens me. The study was to determine if magic mushrooms may be helpful for people who are having psychological stress as a secondary diagnosis the first being terminal cancer. That the hallucinogenic properties of (magic mushrooms) have a healing effect and a spiritual effect that so far (according this study) isn't harmful to ANY of the people in the study. I get sad because to me this is a DUH! Moment, having been encouraged as a child to experiment and then doing so. YES so far I have not EVER had a psychedelic high that was negative or that didn't have a HUGE spiritual element. Mind you I have had a vast network of healers, teachers ,shaman some charlatans and some real who helped and guided me...I am wholeheartedly FOR any tripping one can do. It has helped me tremendously understand that what we see hear and believe is all subjective and completely unprovable. NOTHING is provable REALLY...yes wars are fought over "ideologies" slavery enforced and torture maintained to prove that things are true and still it is FACT that nothing Can really be proven to be true NOT POSSIBLE.

Okay fight me on this...disagree and list all of the lost souls who flamed out doing massive amounts of LSD.

Don't get me wrong abusing anything even chocolate can hurt people...but in a guided sensible space with people of like mind and kindness and with whom one should have complete trust, it is highly recommended that if you can safely TAKE THE DRUGS!

You will not regret it.

Oh sure there are physical potential mishaps I had a friend once have a terrible trip of ecstasy because she was slightly anorexic and hadn't eaten for three weeks and took a capsule at my urging and her system couldn't take the pressure.

Weird, I never knew she wasn't eating till then.

No, you must be healthy and it should be controlled the space...before journeying but never be afraid especially if your circle is experienced and kind and clear.

Oh yes even then things can go wrong but I do believe we all need a peak at something OUTSIDE the frame of our thinking we do NEED to be expanded.

Go, live, love and TRIP...yes try it at least once!

Then tell me all about it,please.


glt said...

Ha ha! Bold advice, but sage.
I ain't fighting ya on this.
My first 'trip' in the mid-'60s was a wonderful life-changer. With two best friends and a happy happy guide, I shed the confused materialism of youth and discovered the world in microcosm. It's huge!

Later, I had a few bad trips because I made bad choices. They are no fun, so be very careful even if you are the confident type.
I eventually stopped the heavy stuff on a good note, and have felt like I would be abusing the powerful life substance if I took it again when I really didn't need it. Thanks for the controversial(I'm sure)forum.

Anyone interested in learning more might google Terrence McKenna, among others.

timsky said...
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timsky said...

I think being in nature or a ceremonial circle is essential for a journey. Cities, living rooms with TV's etc, giggly parties, aren't the places to alter your consciousness is such potentially transformative and spiritual ways. Feeling the hum of nature as you take a journey, you enter another way of seeing - you sense what is being created throughout the universe in every micro-moment. Time shifts. The fear of death and social exclusion disappears. You can set your identity aside and BE!!

lurgee said...

I can just hear people mutterring, "I really like her, but I think she's gone a bit too far here," and deciding not to comment ...

Took LSD once at universtiy. Sat staring out the window at a (real) rabbit that I was concvinced was pink. Also saw some cool shapes in the grass, weird, swirly stuff. Funny, but hardly life changing and I wouldn't do it agains imply because I couldn't be bothered with it. But I'm naturally uptight.

Rae, for clarification, are your exhortations limited to pyshedelics only, or are you advocating amphetamines and opiates also?

glt said...

This damned country is still brainwashed by the Gov's 'war on drugs'....the one's they've deemed illeagal. Stupid stupid people.
Family values means protecting yer family from anything intelligent, I suppose. Sheesh.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

There is nothing spiritual about the restie; opiates etc...nothing to learn or see. Yes...only psychodelics.

I think people are afraid and lack exerience and they drink the religious koolaid that all drugs are bad.

Whilst they consume their daily dose of xanax and drink their fifth cocktail and smack their spouse and children around.

glt said...

The poppy isn't evil. It's people.
Opiates aren't evil either. William. S. Burroughs, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rimbaud, Beaudelaire man many more have proven it. Opium, heroin, morphine have benefits when used properly. Ever been in pain in the hospital? It's still the doctor's drug of choice. The problem with "bad" junkies is they can't afford the good consistent stuff...if they could they could live a long productive life, WITH DECENT EDUCATION AND MODERATION(unlike Rush Limbaugh). Nicotine is more addictive...The docs say it, and I know it from personal experience on both drugs. I experimented with every drug at one time or another, and all I ever became addicted to are caffeine and nicotine.

Education Education Education.