Monday, July 27, 2009


This weekend I learned that the current health care bill will force those of us who are not covered to get coverage and that the system set up the way it is allows the same factors to remain in place. These factors are over priced meds and horrendous testing and lab fees as well as over priced visits and diagnostics. Honestly it seems the critics are right Obama wants his cake/s and to eat them too. It's as if he wants everyone to come over and play in the white house sand box happily together. That includes the sleazy profiteers of medicine. I am meaning this as a huge umbrella encompassing all of the pirates who have dominated our pricing system, may they all go to hell in a hand basket. This is pure evil and it will be Obama's undoing because he wants them to approve of his policies, his very being or so it seems. It isn't possible to have the care we need under the current system. Obviously it is going to take a huge grass roots movement to demand proper change. It behooves us, each and every one of us to be knowledgeable, informed about what we are demanding, what we are voting for in every body of government. It seems that the lobby to keep big insurance and pharmaceutical intact is bigger then big, mighty powerful and tricky.

We are under siege and I know it has been for a lot longer then these last 8 years. What price paid for us who have been asleep for so long as a populace because we are greedy, fat and stupid?

We can change our mindset, we can get what we deserve, what should be a basic right! REAL health care and it be mandatory, but in a good way.

Please people pay attention and get smart/er FAST!

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