Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy bunny

All of a sudden my summer has jet propelled into a mad dash...weddings and poetry needs for wedding and housing concerns and more weddings and work issues and course tests and completions and YIKES ...I feel a wee bit overwhelmed and so very human. My dogs were very happy to see me and my BF too although he is so busy I almost forget what his name is "who are you?" Then I hear rumors the Obama's are on their way to Martha Vineyard and I got a wee bit jealous. I want to be a kid and spend all of summer there not just a moment. Okay, I am grateful I had a few days and boy were they heavenly. My host kept my tennis and social calender filled. Ooh baby, I love me some summer!

Now I am home and having to get serious and complete all sorts of critical things and keep my artistic soul "moist"...hah! I know that sounds a bit icky but it's true.

I spent the last hours in MV helping my dearest friend with computer stuff successfully, big accomplishment. I have a new blog talk show coming, that I've yet to prep still I am thrilled about it. This is the best; rumblings in the works that some in Washington are going to go after the evil triad who manned the Axis know whom I speak.

So how bad can life be?

In fact life is hardly bad just a wee bit full.


Finally my sister Precious is enjoying rave reviews for her show, makes me happy for her!

I hope your summer is just as full or fuller, share.


Daania Nova said...

Congrats to your sister!! And congrats to you! Busy is good! :-) I think you once said that to me. LOL!

I can't wait for the next show! Please keep us in the loop. The last one was super cool and although I couldn't say much it was totally cool to hear you live! :-)

Much Love RDC!
- Angie (Supernova)

Tony Bunn said...

We each are sharing in a quite fascinating period; one full of promise and possibilities that approach the level of dreams realized.....

Be certain to maintain wakefulness during such a period.