Sunday, May 17, 2009


Growing up I always thought "I'll show them" it kept me fired up to accomplish what I set out to do to be in movies and television to be a star. It was childish and yet it helped to direct the energy I had toward an outer goal instead of imploding and hurting myself. I wouldn't be so successful later with anything, it would have to be relearned, all of it.

... is that a bad thing? No I think not in fact it may be a blessing but I digress.

Yesterday watching "the News Hour" there was a segment on a bribe scandal with Nigerian politicians a company called KBR and Halliburton. Yes Dick Cheney's Haliburton. Apparently a man who worked directly under DC is going to jail for six years (not a long time) for spending 135 million dollars on bribes to various politicians to install and run highly detrimental oil and gas refineries in the delta of Nigeria.

To weigh in the environmental devastations and loss of life is uncalcuable but that is not my point.

Somehow Dick has be able to sidestep this crisis or drama by simply stating he knew nothing, NOTHING about the deals the bribes. Period end of story.

Meanwhile Mark Shield made another point on the same program that Washington spent millions on investigating a blue dress during Clintons reign.Yet the Obama admin is shying away from the torture issue and now this...I mean just shy of nuking Iraq Dick Cheney gets away with murder!

I am feeling revengful.

I want a strip off this evil man...and yet I think he may get away with everything.


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