Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am not a fan of Courtney Love but I get sad when people pick on her because it feels anti female as well as maybe opinion. I know she is complicated but I feel offended when people get misogynist especially with easy targets like Ms. Love. The thing I find that is brilliant and there is a chunk of brilliance with her(she's not all rotten) is her "out there ness" .

I know she is an attention hound and damaged but I admire her ability to blow turns with her outrageousness. It's admirable. Meanwhile I think Billy Bob Thorton is a loser. My Father thought it was funny he called Canadians "Potatoes without gravy" I don't understand that? I think the French Canadians make the best gravy. I just don't get it. He seems to be a bit unbalanced (BBT and maybe my dad too) and it's obvious from the press he did when married to Angelina and today with this last interveiw. He's a head case and honestly I think like all wanna be's his music is so so...I don't like anything about him. His BFF Danial Lanois once sat at my table and proceeded to dis Courtney Love and after watching the interview with BBT I don't think he has grounds for making fun of Ms. Love.Mr. Lanois or BBT.

I have never seen her do to another what BBT did to that interveiwer. I think we are far too comfortable with putting woman who are powerful down and rubbing them into the ground. Here is a prime example of a guy who is an asshole who will continue to make movies (okay shitty ones) and will work and be considered viable in Hollywood and he's a pig, okay that may be too strong. He's a psycho.

It's not fair...I know, life isn't fair.

I get it!

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