Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's see

Imagine that life as we know it starts before we are born. Okay we don't have a form per se' a body but we have intelligence and we can still think and feel only we are not individuals as in me versus you we are simply idea or thought. Bear with me...we have guides who instruct us by gently suggesting not showing us or demanding anything but asking us questions through intuition nondirect communication what may be helpful in guiding our choices and say we get to choose our experiences before we take form. Like a menu of things to choose from including how we look, act and feel and where we will live where we are born, we get to choose and all of this is so our souls can continue to evolve and expand and grow allowing us to continue to experience sweetness and love and JOY.

This goes on and on into infinity...or until it is no longer fun. So with this thinking or idea we choose everything in order for us to learn and know in a visceral sense what ever we need to carry us further along our individual journey.

What if this is true then poverty , and all of the other "contrasting experiences" are perfect too.

Included as necessary in ones life to get to the "knowing" we all want and crave.

How else is it done? That answers the question of choice we choose even that only we don't remember or choose to forget.

You can't have a GOD and it be all knowing and have torture and hell without it serving a purpose that is LOVING.

It doesn't fit omnipotence.

You can't be God as in LOVE and yet unloving.

It isn't possible.

So there must be a more...broader perspective.

Otherwise God is NOT great!

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Enolough said...

I heard someone saying that God is so perfect and good that he gives us all the freedom. Even to hate and do evil things. So the existence of evil is not God's fault but humanity's fault.

It's a nice prespective and it keeps people from saying "if there were God there would be no suffering for innocent people".

But I keep asking if there is or there isn't a God and what would he be like. But I guess the questions matter more than the answers...