Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There are a few affirmations that I enjoy I want to share them. I know it can be frustrating to do them, affirmations and it seems incredibly silly sometimes but I think they work. It feels as if they move brain matter or uplift our vibration. Vibrations beong everything...here are a few;

Divine intelligence gives me all the ideas I can use.
Everything I touch is a success.
There is plenty for everyone, including me.
There are plenty of customers for my services.
I establish a new awareness of success.
I move into the winning circle.
I am a magnet for Divine Prosperity.
I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.
Riches are drawn to me.
Golden opportunities are everywhere for me.

Affirmations by;
Louise Hay from her book "you can heal your life"

I love these they have been my companions.

It seems so simplistic to do these affirmations but I think if we are deeply honest they are complex and difficult to truly believe and use.

It is takes small inner adjustments to reach our goals.

Tiny little movements upward in vibration.

...take it one affirmation at a time try to do them all day.

Then tell me how it felt/feels...I want to know.

We are loved, we are deeply adored.


glt said...

I know the first one is true...
I'll have to ponder the others for a while...thank you.

frenchwoman said...

humm!!! why not

I think that each answer to a question that we are posed, that each answer also to an overflowing emotion, is in us, it do not matter I believe how find we it, it is necessary just to leave place to positive for us √©nerger of good being, not always easy, the brain is complicated so much, but it is that the life and it is for that what a is worth the sorrow to be lived even if sometimes it us “emmerde” (in French in the text) lol!!!

glt said...

I have one I use a lot, especially when doing reiki---

"I'm overflowing with the healing white light!"

...cleansing mind, body and soul.

I made a song of it too...so you can sing it over and over while you're exercising...try it!

mario said...

nice 1 glt...

glt said...

another good one is

"I love how you love me"

you get it coming and going...

Tony Bunn said...

Being a sincere subscriber to the theory of emanations, with my clearly being an emanation of the Most Divine Love, I offer:

"I am almost everything, good or evil. The choice is ALWAYS mine; the response matters not."