Sunday, May 17, 2009

Media news and other woefulness

A FB from Delray Florida has asked me what I think about Nancy Grace he feels she is shameful because she has made a living off the Tot murdering mom and family. I have watched it as I channel surfed and then become bored within five minutes because it is repetitive. It made me smile reading the question because just last night I was reading about Rush Limbaugh and his billion dollar life style and salary and marveling that if there is an audience (for his hateful rhetoric) and there is, these people eat Nancy Grace up too, CNN and Fox news, crap, the same ol stuff responsible for dumbing down America, then yes we deserve the trash we get. We who want the drug of sensless television or media consume it. How many people do you know actually read non fiction? Many people consider reading fiction as enough....and in some cases it is I suppose but we need to read and continue to be engaged globally. I think the laziness of Sarah Palin represents the common malaise of the upper middle class and the wealthy that we have a lot so why rock the boat. We have ours and they can all suffer and if I am unaware of anyone elses suffering then it's almost like under class suffering doesn't exist. I am putting words in the mouth of those other folks...I am sure it's a lot simpler their thinking.

Still when she couldn't answer the question about what papers she reads, we knew as a nation we were in serious trouble. I am certain Mr.Bush was the same, deeply lazy when it came to being informed globally, obviously. Now another yahoo, Sen Boehm (R)from N. Carolina could NOT answer simple questions about what the republicans would do if they were in charge of administration "what is their plan for America". He couldn't say one concrete idea or strategy but he could complain about this administration for doing everything they set out to do.

Corporations control most of our news outlets and so the best coverage isn't on the big networks or in reality it isn't even produced as legit news.

One of my fave news sources for an intelligent perspective is Jon Stewart along with the BBC and reading The economist and Democracy now.

...although I will watch a little Keeping up with the Kardashians just to balance things . I am obessesed with that family and how shallow they are reminds me of my child hood in Hollywood.

A valley girls walk through memory lane.

Then there is George Stephanopoulous and Bill Moyers and we watch Pbs News Hour with Jim Leherer

These I highly recommend.

The rest I treat like candy...bad for me but sometimes irresistible because it's so dumb.

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