Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rub it in your hair

Years ago my friend Darren said this to me..."Rub it in your hair" describing what his mother had said to him. I think it describes a wonderous action when we like something. Immerse yourself start with the head. So yesterday when I suggested we write what we are like immersed in health , happiness and prosperity it was to immerse our awareness in it to the extent that we are saturated. We all have a fluency in what isn't working in our lives and we give serious short shift to what could be working instead.

I noticed so many people balked at homework and I apologize for taking this maybe too far although I still think it won't hurt to write at least 500 words everyday on the subject of each of us in deep prosperity.

I did the exercise and I think I will keep doing it until Easter. I am committing to dreaming and shaping my day to day life in a fantastic way.

How else is it going to happen?

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