Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wanda , Wanda , Wanda

Complete surprise listening and watching Ms. Sykes roast our Prez at the correspondence dinner. I had heard it wasn't good , that it was terrible , vulgar. I thought it was what it is supposed to be comedic and cutting. She is right about most of what she said. I heartily agree about Rush.
I howled at the part where she tells her children to pick a stranger before picking "dick cheney".

It is and will be a difficult next couple of weeks. I am saddened to think that so many interests want to block one pay health care. It irks me...I wonder if a blitz like what happened to London (WW2) is the
only thing that will clear the way (Pun intended) for true reshaping of health care in America.
We are grossly over charged and it's isn't rocket science we need to do something.

We need help.

Hillary has the second hardest job and I am so happy she is doing it. I just worry as always things take too long to change...and we will not do what we need to do which is get out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Remember Afghanistan toppled Russia with our help and surprise the Russians are helping Taliban/Afghans who are pro Taliban topple us.

Why are we so stupid? Hmmm...don't answer that I already know.

Be careful what we ask for? I pray the journalist recently released (Seberia) gets home and does not remain a house prisoner. The Iranians have a sleazy history of keeping people against their will.

Mind you who are we as Americans to talk?

Free Cuba, promote domestic programs and stop the warring.

Let Israel work it out on their own and we should help Gaza and it's inhabitants.

Oh one other ;Just out now there is a new documenatry about the evangelics secret intention to destroy the Jews for Christ. They say Christ wants Israel for the Christians.
Look for it it's sinister and apparently well done.

I am not anti semetic just hate to see people wrongly hurt.(Gaza)...I am pro human.

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