Sunday, May 17, 2009


Micheal Moore had a small segment of one of his films where he pointed out how the news media focuses on making the face of crime the Afro American man. Prisons are full of us. The system is geared to not help and overall anything to do with ethnic survival has a tendency to be illegal. Yes, I am referring to what Chris Rock calls the "Brown " peoples drugs. Meanwhile the White mans drugs are all legal and just as destructive and addictive and god knows what else the doctor prescribed medicine that we are given can do to a healthy body. Meanwhile these days the most heinous criminals all wear suits and make 8 figure salaries and make policy and control Washington. Their leader/s work in Congress or at least influence them.

My, my we have become a nation of abused citizenry. Not to mention the useless entrenched media that owes it's existence to corporations that are raping us...every minute of everyday.

Okay I may be going a bit overboard here.

So it is guarenteed that we are NOT getting the real stories.

Only Public radio and I am beginning to worry about it's integrity.

We are a nation under seige.

SD has been screaming at us here(on this thread) to wake up and smell the BS!

I just get sad and I shake my head and I ask how are we going to find our balance?

How are we going to become a nation of hope, prosperity again?

we are so F#@cked!

North Korea is testing us to see what BS we can fling their way.

Afghanistan will be our demise unless we pull out and I mean pronto.

It is famous Afghanistan for being a country that undoes its powerful enemies.

It's beyond comprehension and yet is it?

Even Alexander the Great failed there. He gave a pretty good sacking , but he cut his losses and bailed.

And us? Today?

The Russians are laughing at us as we beg for help in Europe.

GET OUT of there and run...leave UN peace keepers for the citizens and lets concentrate on domestic issues.


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