Sunday, May 17, 2009


Recently I was educated about some of the wonderous things that we use today in the modern world that was sourced from the Muslim world or the Arab world. One of them being Toothpaste. Lovely Toothpaste which I am very attached to. I love to brush my teeth. No matter how tough and complicated life is three things make me feel clean and alright and one of them is brushing my teeth.

Numbers and taxation (Genghis Khan started that) words we use etc...the list of innovations is enormous and I think important to remember in these weirdly Xenophobic times.

I get almost misty eyed when I read Rumi and some of the Koran.

It heals the world and prejudice to acknowledge every brilliant contribution that has come from the Arab world in history and today.

I get sad and frustrated when I hear the blatant racism that is spewed toward our brothers in the Middle east.

No one is all bad. No one.

A few bad apples and the entire race is cursed.

Silly...we can be so silly and lazy.

That's what we are... lazy.

A Muslim invented Toothpaste and for that I bow in appreciation.


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Dr. Dre' - Makini said...

Yes Arabs made toothpaste "mainstream" but they didn't invent it. I am not saying that there aren't great things invented by others but it amazes me how everyone, especially our people shun Africa as if we didn't have a civilized society before invaders came to our lands. All I'm saying is to take more time to truly investigate and not always believe the hype. You may want to start with Ivan Van Sertima, or Chancellor Williams. Hotep and Sankofa.