Sunday, May 17, 2009


"An ounce of practice is better then a ton of preaching". I love that quote, from Gandhi.
There is a commitment to life we make that isn't easy. Poets call it "the dark night of the soul" the moment when we decide to commit to truth, our truth and to go the distance and face what ever appears with love and an openness. Not easy. In fact the path is narrow. The more we know the easier it is to BS ourselves into thinking we are close or "There".

In fact recently I had a revelation that when we feel like experts or smug with experience it is the sign that we are "last" in the race....if there is a race.

I had to do something I thought I was pretty good at and when I reveiwed the material later it was so bad...seriously. OMG it was bad. I laughed and got very humble because we are always needing to be better, fresher , more connected. This is true of life and love and everyday awareness.

Are you up yet? Are you alive with energy, love, inquiry?

Do you feel like an expert.

Do you get it? No?


I know for path is tough , solo and full of hazards.

I promise that by the time it is over I will not have done nearly half the things I wanted.

Does it matter?

No...did I have fun?



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