Sunday, May 17, 2009


In my family we were focused on fame from the beginning. My fathers fame and then my own. No one had much else on the brain everything was geared toward getting out there. Sadly it hampered some much needed academic study. Reading some of the posts yesterday it kind of answered a question I have about school. Do we need it? Does it make a difference and are we judged as less than when we do it differently and forgo higher education? I don't regret my upbringing and considering the outcome it has been a fantastic adventure. Still I listen to people and their stories and read about others and listen "Oh boy" do I listen. I hear people being judged as better simply because of their educational exposure.

Being an Autodidact my self it pains me no end when I am judged or something I am presenting is judged or considered less than because I am not hoisting my impressive education out and slapping folks with it. In fact my lack of education is almost more impressive than a PHD from Penn U.

Yet we do judge and we are mesmerized by the big colleges and degrees and I wonder if it isn't folly. Listen I helped put a child through an Ivy league College and I had moments of envy as I wrote those GIGANTIC checks.

No in my family we were/are hustlers, near buskers...we are entertainers, damn fine ones too...still.

I wonder

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