Sunday, May 17, 2009


Listening to the fire storm we are in regarding the AIG clusterf*#k. I noticed that the quiet voice of some is stronger and smarter then the guilty loud voices of others. I am referring to the man who yesterday on the Radio named the men who were heading up AIG for the last 40 years Harry Greenberg and a Richard Cox. I may have the last name wrong but an R Cox has something to do with the bonus/holding incentive pay that everyone is losing sleep over. Senator Chris Dodd is one of the loud guilty voices, barking defensive excuses since he was in charge of the initial proposal brought before the senate. He helped over see the writing, the language, the agreement we gave the company (AIG) and in it there was the glaring part about post bailout bonuses which he now says he tried to bring up and discuss but it wasn't priority, since the country was in the midst of going to hell in a hand basket, or something to that effect.

I am not in agreement of amending the constitution a big slippery slope and one we should avoid. I think we should ask for the money back and those that don't return it and leave the company anyway we should publicly shame or something to that effect this is the viral age.

On the other hand I was thinking about Laura Bush and her crusade to save the Burmese which is a noble cause but then thinking how subliminally she is sending a message to the people of America by her concern she was focusing on a country whose leadership was more malefic then her deadbeat husband and the murderous Cheney.

What a smart if unaware cookie. Still no matter how evil the Burmese leadership is and I think they are the planets worst. Her Husband ranks up there with being responsible for the possible devastation of America today and we are not out of the woods. We still could see complete failure.

We all make mistakes and we all want to succeed some with larger more altruistic goals others with selfish goals but we are all looking to succeed.

I want the President to succeed and I look forward to seeing the effects of his policy in the next ten years. I just think it's interesting how we seek to blame and punish when indeed we created this mess. We voted them in. We could have begun the change a hell of a lot sooner.

The true face of evil/crime /graft is no longer the poor inner city kid/'s a 55 plus white guy in a suit with a huge foreign bank account.

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