Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scrimping the lost art!

It started with a book about a missionary family stuck in the Congo. How the local children wore the same clothes everyday until they shredded off their bodies. I loved the idea of that simplicity of having to just play and then swim to clean them and play again and sleep and swim to clean until they were impossible to wear. No worrying about does this go with that or any of that weird business.

Then my dear friend confessed to having saved his job by scrimping (enough to have two years of support) to use his phrase he said he was a "Scrimping Jew". I am so jealous I want that gene. I want to be "the scrimping type". I am not. Then just this morning I read about sisters in Wisconsin who scrimped and saved and wore old mismatched clothing and were very careful with their cash.

I love that they mentioned they wore old mismatched clothing. They died leaving millions to their Alma Mater.

I think we place far too much value or cool on new stuff. We place way too much value on trendy clothing. I wear approximately 6 pieces of clothing regularly and if I am honest there are piles of t-shirts and trousers I never put on. Let alone dresses and shorts ,skirts stuff.
I know I have enough clothes for ten of me.

Shoes too...I stopped being to the minute chic when money wasn't as available.

Still...I want to be better at saving and I like the idea of mismatched clothes.

It just sounds right!

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