Sunday, May 17, 2009


My son sent me a photo of a sculpture that hangs outside Dachau the concentration camp. It is beautiful if intertwined skeletal figures are beautiful. It is at once sad and makes me angry. Last night I happened to catch the History channels special on the KKK and it too breaks my heart the sinister systemic way that group for 135 years terrorized this country and all African Americans , my relations suffered deeply at the hands of the KKK and I still think we suffer from racial set backs of Jim Crow and the societal unequalities weirdly I think Ruperty Murdock is a grand wizard of racism. I truly believe he has it in for anything other then Anglo's. I know he is married to an Asian but since when has marriage meant tolerance?

He has manipulated media so that it is skewed toward all things white .

Just take a look.

Now I am not one to harp on hardships and "the poor us" saga but folks take a look at the history of the KKK and the unprcedented abuse and murder; 80% of which went unpunished.

A Shamelful stain on the elite ruling class of this country. The KKK where strongest in the 20's till the early 70's so no wonder we sat back and let the Jews fry. I often wondered why we didn't do more to help over there sooner. Then you find out many senators and congress men were Klan by association if not direct affiliation.

Tragic and so feels weird that more hasn't been done to correct the abuse and murder? I know there is a movement to correct some of the sins.

I still can't believe that criminals of the last administration seem to be getting away with everything they did that was wrong, every law they broke.

So silly me (I guess) to be surprised more hasn't been made of how we as a group of people where held down for decades...consciously, on purpose.

Imagine that, I was once one of those that said "Oh get over it" but it is too difficult and bloody and tragic to turn a blind eye to the lost years of productivity our race has suffered. Over a hundred years or so...of outright aggression.

I get teary thinking about what we as a group could have achieved if we were treated as equal citizens when we legally gained that right in the nineteenth century.

We need to think about this again...something more needs to be done.

I just feel that it is wrong to just forget.

I don't want to.

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