Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stutter steps

In tennis it is important to be in the best or optimum place with our footwork in order to connect with the ball and to get there it is recommended to take stutter steps. It is something to watch Nadal who is the best at these mini steps. I am medium good at this. I have a tendency to lope to the ball and often over run it, less graceful but like a young deer.

In my progress as an Earthling I notice I stutter through my understanding about life in general. I am stunned by how little we know and how attached to what we know we are. There is always room for more. I was and am still upset that lots of people live better then I do, life is easier, they have grace, understanding and ease.

I have a hard time with the basics, seriously. It scares me sometimes and I wonder will I fail and am I already failed, shouldn't I be doing so much more?

Yesterday, I read a thank you from one of the people who read these "notes". Touched I was struck by how easy the simple gesture of sharing ones path is, it's love.
How it brings me so much personally. I feel alive and part of Earth literally, knowing some one has found benefit here.

I guess today I need to be patient and forgive myself for being such a beginner. I am a beginner in every way. Forgive myself for being unpolished with things like grace and ease.

There is no rush and I will never get there... yes I will have a rich glorious often fun time journeying toward this place and that is the point!

So I will stutter step to get into position to hit the ball (metaphorically) of my life.

Remembering that there is no there , there...


frenchwoman said...

Still a very beautiful and realistic text, you are really touching and perspicacious, but for my part I believe that I will stop answering your notes because I believe that my English is really poor!!!even me I am not always able to translate for me then!!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Never i like your commenst G. They are usually so beautiful and not so broken.

Daania said...
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Daania Nova said...

Hmm... Stutter Steps. Interesting analogy to life. I think ease and grace happen when we just let go and allow. I find that when I overthink, or over prepare or over analyze I lose the grace and the ease. But when I just take a breather and allow things to happen, they happen with grace.

Great Note RD,

frenchwoman said...

Rae thank you very much I think that one of your qualities first is the kindness and generosity I like that, you are a beautiful person

mario said...

one word RD Niiiiiiiiiicceeeee..

like the new name there ms supernova :-)))...

glt said...

There is t'here...
t'here = success, Earthlings.
Agree with Mario, Youngdeer.

Perspicacious is a new word for me frenchwoman. Have you taken english lessons?

Darn, I missed the deleted comment.

frenchwoman said...

“to make fun " is very easy Mr GLT ...

glt said...

I was serious...not making fun.
I'd never heard the word before!
Please don't be offended.

If I wanted to communicate in French,
I would take French lessons.
I am terrible with languages so I don't try. All language can be confusing, especially on-line.
You are better than me.

Good will to you Frenchwoman.

Dang, I keep checking the follow-up comments box, but it doesn't seem to work???

Tony Bunn said...

Frenchwoman, Indeed you used one of my favorite words of ALL TIME: perspicacious. Always I've loved it! Georgia, is that you?

Rae, with respect to your immediate text, your words inspired me to the thought (perhaps overused, but definitely true) that every day is a new beginning. In fact, despite whatever we know about the past, such knowledge is often quite useless when one encounters the next rising of the sun. And often, what we thought we knew wasn't quite correct, anyway. (Kinda like taking long steps in tennis; and thus, over-shooting the ball.)

I guess perhaps the trick is to take the long steps to get close enough to the target so that one can take the (I'll call 'em) baby steps (of the beginner) to finish the task off. Funny enough, because the baby's steps are informed more by intuition, perhaps the target is more accessible because the path is not clouded by the clutter of thought. Hmmmmm. I've found that if I don't know where I'm going, it always seems to be more fun getting there.

Tony Bunn said...

On ease and grace:

Once again, I think such qualities of action are the result of reliance on intuition versus knowledge. It's intuition that creates the future; knowledge only rehashes the past, and all too often, unsuccessfully.

Tony Bunn said...

the foregoing being a restatement of the lovely Daania :o).

Hey, do you stutter-step when you belly dance?

frenchwoman said...

yes Tony it's me, not easy. thank you for your support

Daania Nova said...

LOL! Hey Tony, yes sometimes we do something similar to a stutter step... Its called a "Step, Step, Step" ... LOL And you're up on your toes. ;)