Sunday, May 17, 2009

Singing , chanting, transference

It is almost impossible not to transfer, or project what we need onto people. We need Guru's whether it is an actual East Indian fellow or woman or the American equivalent which is our unbalanced adulation called celebrity worship. We need idols to project our highest good and to hope and pray they answer our needs.

As in the BIG NEED, since it is impossible to get those un-fullfilled needs met we then shift into contempt toward the very people, places and things that are supposed to serve us.

Ah... it is so interesting and the souls who agree to be idolized cannot help but fail us.

In fact it is grace when they do.

We cannot find our source our greatness "out there" it is inside. In our selves.

Ah so easy to write so difficult to live and experience.

Chanting and singing, and watching a "god show" last night I enjoyed it and I couldn't help but see the room full of need and longing, sweet longing.

I felt compassion and contempt equally. For the audience and for myself.

We are a lazy bunch and I think we don't want to look inside (our heart and souls) we want to look "outside" we want to hold "others accountable" and we want "them " to fix us/it.

And the rub or the key is to see our part and to integrate and release and ultimately forgive ourselves for all of it.

Whatever it is...

and then and only then do we walk in true strength.

When we say...yes, to life as sourced by us.

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