Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night there was a documentary on Cephlapods (Humbolt squid) on television last night. It was fascinating because the squid live for only a year and are efficient killing machines. In fact they think they will eat anything that moves and if a human is unfortunate to meet a school of them it's bye bye. What struck me as interesting besides the fact that they change color instantly and have incredible biting capacity with something like 36000 razor sharp teeth is that can and do think deeply.

In fact the scientist described diving with them and how they came over to him and basically played with him. They caressed him and swam around him never once were they aggressive. What I noticed was his deep regard for them and how he actually loved them. So it didn't surprise me that when he swam with them they were benign. Meanwhile when another researcher who tended to shoot them alone or when they were being fished(very stressful) he had night mare stories and several times they tried to kill him.
In fact he thought that one of them watched as he got into a cage to film them, the researcher felt that one of the animals watched them lock him in the cage. As it went below the surface the squid tried to undo the latch, the lock. who knows but I think they look like aliens from another planet a higher intelligence we decided because it comes from the depths it is native but I am thinking maybe not.

There are USO's or unidentified submerged objects and Humbolt Squid are pretty amazing and they do seem highly intelligent they could come from another planet...okay too many viewings of the movie "The Abyss".

Then again we do tend to limit our respect for some animals(squids) and I think they do have a more complex way of communicating we can never understand because we are limited.

Now of course I have another scary looking thing to keep me on edge when I swim in the ocean as if sharks weren't enough...

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