Sunday, May 17, 2009

Humble pie

It is not easy to lose at anything specially tennis. There is a visceral effect and I know it is a sign of character if one is a gracious or good loser. I am not a good loser (I fake it) although I lose at least 50% of the time. I lie, I am gracious but I am dying inside, so fussy. I admired Federer for crying after losing to Rafa (Australian open) and I understand the tears .

I know, you just get so cranky and wanna have a tantrum but you can't.

We played so so tennis and deserved the loss and it was tough to swallow since we can and should have won. Although the way we played it was the outcome we deserved.

Oh well...

Tough loss although it helped give us a heaping helping of humble pie. I know we have financial meltdowns and Aids is on the rise in the urban community and especially in the "Hood" what's up with that? Let's use condoms and clean needles and stop with the reckless blood exchanges folks. It is a matter of life and death and it pains me to know my community is getting nailed.

When faced with a small defeat (our tennis match) that isn't a blip on the map of the grand scheme of things, I feel sort of silly to be so fussy about the loss.

Buck up RDC and so I will.

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