Sunday, May 17, 2009


Change isn't easy to accept and integrate in the best of circumstances, what I notice about us as a species is we fight it when all is smooth sailing because we don't want to ruffle the waters. We resist it when the s*#t hits the fan because we're scared, so there really isn't an opening to change unless we are on our knees praying to the God we are not so sure exists as we face an uncertain future.

So we really never accept change unless we are caught in between states and are intelligent enough to recognize it's need. We are sort of kind of in this place I am speaking about now as a nation.

Right now as we watch the shenanigans in Washington unfold, we all do realize that every single one of them from our Prez on down has no idea if any of this is going to "work".

My thinking is that this is that moment where we are pretty awake to this fact and maybe can look sideways and below and above (not in a religious sense) but in a "Oh I never looked there before" sense.

Crack open some far-fetched but brilliant idea's that have not made it to the popular Zeitgeist.

So if anyone out there has any NEW idea's about what we can do to reorganize and reemploy and reboot our economy I am all ears.

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