Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spirits and the people mover

I dreamt about spirits last night, ghosts. They were inhabiting a large house that my family, all of us were living, each of us had a wing and inside the wings were differing spirits. It was interesting because they were not all nice ones. Some of the ghosts were quite malefic. My son had his own wing, I was very worried about him. His wing had the most virulent, evil spirits near him and I didn't like it. Yet powerless to help or relieve his stress. I was very frustrated I couldn't help more. Finally in the dream a teacher arrived who was taking us all away from this huge house to an ashram where we would have a break from the marauding ghosts.

I have never been to an Ashram (in real life) I fear I wouldn't like it much. I kind of hate being bossed around unless I am being paid a lot of money, then well boss away.

So in this dream a special transporter took all of us away. Plus we didn't have to sit properly in fact a chunk of our huge house moved with us like a people mover at Disney land.

Ah dreams, we should love how surreal they are. It must feed us good stuff I think.

I always dream of houses and living in them and I must confess there is always a sense of dis-ease. Like the place just isn't right. In my dreams.

Maybe it is from a childhood where we moved quite a bit from place to place. I don't know.

The spirits were cranky they wanted attention. I found myself praying in my sleep. I woke up with one going full speed.

I can't remember what I was praying to/why or how.

I think it was a "get the F*#K out of here kind of prayer.


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