Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seymour Hirsh

Listening to Seymour Hirsch discussing his upcoming book on Cheney and how difficult and scary it has been investigating the man. How Cheney has layback staff (people who worked for him closely) in the White house and the defense department that report to him daily on this administration. How he is so powerful still and in fact there is nothing that will stick to him because EVERYONE who could do something is afraid of him.

Made me think that if anything happened to Obama I think I know where I'd look.

The man has/had a private special force that he controlled that was essentially a murder squad. Who did whatever he felt necessary covertly and it didn't report to Congress and how iinteresting they didn't find Osama but killed a lot of other people.

Cheney has serious control still.

We should be afraid, we should be very afraid.

If you can get online and look up Seymour Hirsch on NPR and have a listen.

Also when it comes out buy the book. He has an article regarding Syria called" Syria calling" in the New Yorker that sounds fascinating.

He is an expert on the middle East and all things Arab/Israel. He didn't say this... I did.

Go, look ,learn,listen about him and the issues.

What's up with Dick? Why can't we get RID of him???

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