Sunday, May 17, 2009


We never seem to discuss on or in TV's news outlets what would happen if China called in our debts. We are just now discussing how the Obama budget is too big and yet it seems it is what is needed, yet no one wants to pass it though. The Congress needs more oversight. Everyone of us who is bankrupt or unemployed doesn't have a chance of getting TARP money and yet people are speaking about the necessity to help corporate America, I think our Corporate Centric culture is why we are in trouble as if our survival depends on it and yet our survival may be intertwined but in a way that cancerous. We are not a country that can sustain bad financial planning and it seems there are too many chefs in this kitchen and no one wants to admit they don't have a RECIPE.

They are banging pots on the stove and cutting hands and fingers and the blood is splattering everywhere and it's frightening.

We are collapsing or we have collapsed.

No one seems to notice and they keep talking like it won't happened and I am thinking... it's happened.

I think everyone of us needs to revisit Joesph Pulitzer who warned against corporate-centricity.

He may have been eccentric but he was on to something.

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