Sunday, May 17, 2009


The question is "How does one attain their wants without being too zealous?" It is so easy to be wordy when answering a question so without being too wordy: Firstly when I wonder or worry about my energy as in being potentially" Zealous" I know instantly that 1. I am fearful and 2. I am fearful.

When there is a centeredness there usually isn't a "forcing current", no fear.

Fear is the clue.

Ah but what about passion? I know there is deep passion for many things and that is a subtler vibration. When it's true passion there isn't anything that stops me from having it unless I am otherwise committed. If that is the case then I have to transcend it and lift it out of where it starts. Oh boy words.

So Latonia the question is, is this regarding work? There can never be enough for the "Craft" for what we do as expression. If this is toward another? Then it's similar in it's beauty but if it can't be expressed then the burden sits with you on lifting it up inside and transforming it, making it healthier for you.

It's all vibration and energy, healthy happy useful energy.

The story of what it is controls our experience. Is it all consuming ? Well enjoy it, let it take you to the upper atmospheres of life/living. You should be so lucky!

I think we have way too much control over ourselves and it isn't necessarily a good thing.

Passion gives us wings which we need. We need to be insane or mind awake to find the essence of our divinity.

Rumi poems outline this perfectly the late John O Donough's as well, ecstatic words that help shape what is the flame that is our souls divinity.

I think it is a force; GOD, LOVE, LIFE... passion. It should be experienced.

But the trick, the caveat is being able to recognize the difference between what is manic forcing current and what is love...that is the question?

The journey, all worthwhile and glorious.

There is no failure here.

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