Sunday, May 17, 2009

How much is too much?

I am not a fan of doom and gloom predictions they never come true (thankfully) and it doesn't serve us to have any of the negative information in our consciousness. Sometimes I am curious to hear or read what others think about the future forcast of turmoils possibly heading our way. First of all we wouldn't be too happy if any of these things came true. It wouldn't be fun.

Plus life as we know it would be stopped and although it isn't perfect there are some fabulous things in our day to day existence and I for one would miss it or things like for instance NPR radio.

In fact when and if the radio goes away I will be sad...I know it will morph into (it has already)
some satellite digital thing where it reads our body temperature to adjust the station or some such nonesense.

We need to hold up the image of what we do want or at least I do. I think it creates it!

I do this everyday.

Although I am certain not every doomsayer has our demise in mind I often suspect that they do
that they just once want to be correct.

Well as long as my little will is in full force I will continue to uphold the planet in my loving light.

I still have maginificent faith.

Thank Goddessness

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