Wednesday, May 27, 2009

God of Carnage

Last night I was lucky I got to see the new play "God of Carnage" with James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis, and Jeff Daniels it was amazing, very funny and quite unsettling since it is a play centered around two couples brought together to discuss an "event" between their two boys with everyone at first on best behavior. It is often verbally violent mixed with high comedy. I was impressed by the play, great writing and confident staging. I was impressed by the audiences willingness to laugh at tough stuff and to not laugh at the right moments too. It exposes the truth of us and our needs and hopes which are often times cloaked in artifice. The need to be perfect and the needs which are not perfect but messy are on display. If you get to NYC and if you can try to see this 1.5 hours long therapy session/play called "God of Carnage".

I was seated next to an actor from the Sopranos who was tickled pink by the show and who laughed loudly...its hard (at first) but you do forget that the big guy on stage was once a hardened criminal on television that we fell in love with.

The play made me love humanity. We are flawed, so flawed but in our flaws we are perfection.



JuletteMillien said...

Hey Rae Dawn - It's what I love about us humans too! Our flaws and in them our perfection. Humble potency, potent humility.

This play sounds wonderful - a few actors I adore too. Thanks for review!

I just stumbled open this your new blog...the "new" Facebook format has been a challenge!

So glad I did - good to 'hear' you again. ♥~

glt said...

HI Julette! Missed yer sweet arse!
Har! Har! Love new facebook! Important and simple!

Who's the playwright? Sounds Maaaahhhvelous! Seriously, Gandofini id is a fine fine a actor...Silvio is a guitarist---of sorts!

Remember the movie "Forbidden Planet"?

glt said...

rd, these sponsors have begun inserting ads that detract from your notes!

Dwacon® said...

I need to get out more... missing a lot of great entertainment.