Sunday, May 17, 2009


Two days ago a dear friend was siting in the waiting room of our lovely inexpensive gym (compared to L.A. prices) devastated. He had been fired recently well let go which is a bit different. He was choked and canceling his membership. I sat with him and hugged him and felt his pain as he described being completely rudderless in this economy. I didn't want to tell him something that would insult like "it will get better" or "You will find a job" because I don't know any of what is true for him. I just was sad he was so gutted and I understand his pain. So instead I hugged him and rubbed his back and sat there quietly, with him. Well I got home and apparently just the human gesture of being with him helped him make the rest of the day bearable.

It gave me a sense of what is currently the vibe , most of us are scared shitless we will be homeless and without the essentials and I know some of us are there already.

I know nothing is more annoying to hear then a platitude or some new ageism.

Still we are creatures who function first by vibration and in this climate of loss and uncertainty it is almost impossible to keep in the Allowing vibe or the higher vibration when everything we count on as concrete is gone, still we must.

It is the connundrum, the KOAN, the key to being open and in THE FLOW.

Impossible while we are gutted and freaked as we see that bleak now as being also our future.

My suggestion is to sit and be quiet and ask the right questions;

And of course go to or

Inquiry helps to realign our thinking;

Everything is vibration everything is our thoughts.

Meanwhile until you can see a way through I am sending everyone out there freaked out and panicked a big bear hug!


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