Sunday, May 17, 2009

The source

unsafe and unloved. Now I know most dictators have forsaken love for power and that fear is the Aphrodesiac of corruption still I could not help but trace the terror in the Sudan directly to our good fortune here in the

That our gas needs have promoted so much death destruction to people whose only crime is bad location. The Dinka or what ever the tribes people are called in sub Sahara, there are most likely more then one tribe they were dwelling on land that is tageted for oil drilling right?

I can trace the destruction of my ancestors in America to Oklahoma oil and the KKK.

Makes me think we should rethink our values...big time.

if there wasn't a need for conspicuous consumption all over the planet thanks to media touting it's virtue we wouldn't have so much misery.

I think the idea of having life lived as outlined in the Venus project is scary because it opens us up to the big vacancy we have in our emotional contact between each other. The VOID in the West we suffer from in terms of intimate contact that isn't sexual. Because we are too busy accumulating STUFF and competing while we do this.

Making contact , or real relating doesn't happen or becomes difficult no wonder we have so much obesity.

We are a sad group of people in The WEST drowning in our stuff and yet we again fancy that we are wealthy.

In stuff maybe but love I wonder.

It isn't too late to over throw the skewed emphasis on things and status rather the family, friends and core real life value.


We could have it taught in school in preschool. How to be loving and human with it being sexual or inappropriate.

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