Sunday, May 17, 2009


According to a recent study done on Lottery winners in Europe the financial windfall doesn't bring relief in fact the study showed it created strain and stresses normally unknown before in the winners life that lasts on average of three years. Every single winner rues the day they won and surprisingly miss their life before their luck happened. Every single winner from this study which was conducted over a ten year period.

I find that fascinating. Which brings me to the thought that we must appreciate our lives and the pace of our progress. It seems to me I have been harping on this lately and it's true I have, it is up for me.

We imagine that we would like relief or something, be it a lover, a job or an opportunity. that theses things will alter and bring relief? Does it? I am not so sure...

I think we need to step off and have a look at what we are grinding for and why? Maybe review our plans and reorganize and maybe alter our path.

Things fall into place if we get out of the way. get out of the way.

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