Sunday, May 17, 2009


In my circle we are split through the middle regarding who is right in the movie "Doubt". Is Meryl Streep's nun correct in thinking the Phillip Seymour Hoffman's character is guilty of pedophilia. Or is He innocent and just a friendly priest? The play and now movie doesn't set the record straight lively conversations happen because literally we split into the guilty not guilt groups. Mainly we are influenced by our own histories and that is what we see. What we have probably experienced. I have not been molested by a priest in this life that I can remember but I do believe in "Thin slicing" that quick assessment of a situation and I trust it and that once moment when the priest's passes his hand across a boys wrist and the child recoils and Streep's character witnesses it. That is enough for me too.

Reading this weeks issue of The Economist last night there is a disturbing piece in it about a nine year old who was repeatedly raped by her step father and she was given an abortion because she was pregnant with twins . The Catholic church has excommunicated the doctor who performed the abortion and the child and the mother of the child. Yet the offending rapist is still allowed to attend the church.

That and hearing the Pope say condom use in Africa is a sin. Is a SIN?.

When will we see the Vatican reduced to what it is, a giant state of twisted (old) men who hoard art and antiques who need to put it all up for auction.

Listen I read The Cloister walk and I know the church has some good eggs in it...some amazing things no doubt.

No doubt, fact , Doubt.

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Enolough said...

I still haven't figure if the priest on the movie is guilty or not. And I saww the movie twice in theater...

But it seems that the director wanted to show us that he is guilty. There are a number of sings on the movie. The red flesh that the priest is eating with the other priests is a sign. There is also a shot of the all seing eye over the priest when he looks to the floor just after noticing the eye. There is the nativity scene with the figures messed up. And there's the excess of sugar that the priest uses too.

I thing these were clues that the director left on the movie.