Sunday, May 17, 2009


Once sitting at a conference a spiritual gathering I asked the teacher who was making a point about the lack of care in mental health that encompasses spirit in our culture how it was something that needed to be investigated more , I asked "what about schizophrenia" which seemed to me very violent and hard to dispute as anything but deep mental illness.

She said when we investigate deeply we usually see many things we didn't expect or did not factor in and some of them come up or appear as an uncrossable bridge. In the case of voices and violence she said it is easiest to label as such an illness and until we can hold something deeper more spirit based we are safest to do so.

Still there is a what if? What if they are sensitives and can commune with other worlds?

It is our own lack of knowledge and patience to deal or work with our brethren who are so called "sick "that labels and names such as Schizophrenia orginate.

The time isn''t here yet for us to truly understand our diseases both physically and mentally , emotionally and last but certainly not least psychically but we all have a responsibility to "self inquire" ask questions investigate some of our real needs, our confusions and our spiritual sicknesses.

We are a sad group in modern life, urban life , heavily medicated we have much healing to do and much confusion when it comes to our so called mental illnesses.

Again I am not saying we don't need medications in many cases but we are a very drug obessed culture.

Thinking about my judgements and how I hadn't looked at mental health completely or wholistically changed that day.
I was struck by the instant relief and understanding and kindness I felt toward people I have seen speaking to themselves on the streets. The tragedies of people who are in families of patients who are suffering from imbalances some that have horrible consequences, murder etc...

I am not saying we should investigate these chemical imbalances as just fact I am saying we could add a spirtual element to the diagnosis. One that isn't so much dogmatic to any religion but still somehow had a layer, an element of light and holiness of soul.

We seem to be just matter skin and bones but there is more there is illumination.

Ask more of ourselves and give love freely...generously.

be kinder.

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Enolough said...

Sometimes I say to myself and others that we are nothing but flesh and bones and that live is pure mechanics. Even our conscience is created in a brain that is nothing but electrical and chemical activity...

But then this saddens me a bit. It's unconfortable to be just a complex machine. Would a robot be just like me if one could program all the same chemical reactions?

I think we must at least believe that we are more than a chemical happening. Because even if it's all a big lie or an elaborated illusion one feels safer knowing that we have "soul", "spirit", "conscience" or "self".

That illusion helps us understanding the frontiers between us and the others and it's probably the only thing that gives us human beings the ability to care for each other and ultimatly love each other (how poetic!)

That said I guess it would only do us good to incorporate the "spiritual" side on medicine and all kinds of treatment.

By the way, there is a fine article on TIME about this matter. Check that out:,8599,1879016,00.html

And sorry for the long comment...