Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just do something already!

Okay first I have to confess I am (not very good) about arranging my new yet old blog page. I am hating Facebook it feels filled with bugs and I am not happy with how slow it is lately for me yet I am not computer savvy enough to really know how to work this page either. Note the repeat of my photo on the page I didn't realize I had uploaded three times...doh!

I am not certain how to remove them either so I will try to learn how later I just want to do some writing and ask a few questions and get the over all ball rolling.

Today watching a news show and hearing various people defend and critique Dick Cheney regarding his recent television appearances. I think it odd we have him on the scene in the first place. It kind of makes me wonder if in fact he wants to be investigated for the long list of crimes he has committed in the name of national security, laws he broke while he served as vice president. So it begs the question is he baiting the press and this administration to get tough, so he can maybe prove finally that he is outside the law? It's creepy and make me worry for the safety of our beloved Presidents.

Rush is another odd person yet it's his job to lie, stretch the truth and incite violence against all "liberals" but the ex vice president? He is fascinating and scary and obviously super powerful and very incorrect and very corrupt.

It is baiting and it is the disease of fame to keep oneself in the spotlight no matter what.
It is hard for us to be honest to see the light to understand we have over stayed our welcome.

I know for myself it is the case...I watched a film I shot recently, a couple of auditions here at home. It is sad but no matter what it is hard to look good on film when we are closing in on fifty. I may be a harsh critic still...

Unless one is Madonna and has the means to have a crack beauty team and if we can keep the pounds off. I looked bad (my opinion) and my makeup sucked. I need to work on that as the world goes to hell and a hand basket. I forget I can and maybe should continue to try to be a telegenic actor.

It's tough to to say no thank you to the extra something we so love to eat or that extra high caloric drink.

I know we must say no but it isn't's a battle.

I have a struggle like a warrior not to be depressed and sad because I hate the roles we are given and I think Hollywood is lame, racist , ageist , stupid.

Imagine if teh men in Hollywood were put to the same phyical standards as us women we woudl not have had James Spader or Alec Baldwin work to enjoy.

No us babes have to suffer mightily to work. Stay thin...forever.

Not fair but in the giant scheme of things managable. It's not Darfur, Rwanda or Haiti so I cannot bitch too loudly.

On the planet Earth people are suffering and me I just need to "Put the fork down and move my ass" more.

What to do?

...I know help volunteer and spread love.


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