Sunday, May 17, 2009


Do we want relief or are we gluttons for punishment? I wonder? I am thinking the resistance gives us a bit of excitement. You know? "Treat him mean keep him keen"?

Or playing hard to get usually works in spiking interest unless it doesn't. I was never that complex although today I am certainly complicated in other ways.

So I am asking the question would life be as much fun without the set backs and drama?

Or do we really want a magic cure to everything that stands in our way?

Given the road map to "The kingdom" which every religion promises. Do we really want it?

Does it take away our journey, our adventure?

I am thinking it takes away from the fun...and how does one grow emotional muscles or find their inherent gifts if given no resistance?

I am thinking we need a path, a journey that we traverse on our "own" so to speak and when we arrive... having done so through various adventures, I think that is the prize.

Abraham says we never get it done...there will be stuff undone that we want to do.

.... will not be able to complete.

I can see that.

So I am thinking we are not very honest when we moan about our hardships because without them who would we be?

In other words I am thinking our life path is designed by "us" it's our show.

We don't want relief. We want more.

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