Sunday, May 31, 2009


Can we be in love for a moment? I am lit with enthusiasm for life. Yes...I am excited , I have so much to achieve some or a lot will not get done, I am not sure what and it's not my business either way. Still I am happy in this moment, now here with you. I have moments of illumination when I remember that we never get it done, it's the journey not the destination. In fact I think the more sloppy and failure prone the luckier we are. Since lately I have been feeling a bit less glossy or glamorous a kind of anti Kimora Simmons. I can find the worth of being last or not so shiny.

My life is simple easy still at times I feel fragile or lost or foggy and unmotivated. I have been all of the above and still now I am buzzing with love and happy to be alive and tickled that the birds are singing, bees are buzzing and I can watch tennis and eat oatmeal and tell you all about it.

My life is complicated and yet is it really? No, my thinking of my life is complicated.

We do three things according to Byron Katie; We Stand , sit, or lie horizontal.

The rest is filled in "story"...gunk.

So in my wreck less wonder, or crazy hippy happy way, whatever we call it, I feel alive worthy and loved. No outward reason.

I wish the same for you today; Love, love and more love.


glt said...

Beautiful absolutely!

I have to laugh at the Byron quote.

Since we aren't designed to do any of the three extremely well, I have spent simple days deciding which to do next---Sit, stand, or lie down!

Flying is out, and hanging from a tree, or floating on the sea also become difficult after a while.
So...there's always a call to action, a physical sensation that suggests we change. Ah! Life.

glt said...

I grew up on hot steaming oatmeal, with butter and brown sugar melted on top...yummy gummy! What's not to love about life and all her(yes female pronoun!)senses and sensualities. I love the hippy mentality. They knew how to integrate the physical and spiritual selves with the grace of tortoise bunnys. The loose comfortable grace of their self-designed threads...the lack of need for unnatural adornments---relying unconsciously on the flesh, bones and hair to express the inner beauty of the individual...
And edibles were enjoyed for their
unique simplicities and imparted feelings of healthy growth without heartburn. NO, it wasn't the weed and acid! It was a state of mind...a planetary aray of the highest order, so to speak...