Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cleaning fluids and other necesseties

I am appalled by my selfishness. I will scrub my house clean with standard products Pinesol etc...and I am irresponsible to the effect it will have on the ground waters once it goes down the drain. I want to be a good Earthling and care for Mother earth but I don't do everything I can. I waste no doubt and I consume and I use chemicals that hurt the planet. It is bad...I know.

So I am going to make a better effort to be thoughtful and use only earth friendly products and no draino or whatever toxic BS I use unthinkingly. I am hurting my own future by being a pollutor.

It is easy to be's scary the amount we justify it because we have not seen a study showing us that indeed these seemingly harmless everyday chemicals we use even toothpaste are pollutors of the worst kind.

We need clean water, the animals need clean water and kills me when I see so much industry parked on our beloved shores.

Oh boy.

We are in for it and the sooner we clean up our cleaning act the better.

You know I notcie that there are less men who seem manly in film and in the world, or society in general. If we are honest and lets be for a minute there seem to be many children being born who are not clearly defined as one sex or another.

As if there is a hormonal inbalance, well there is and it's enormous and affecting our population.

Notice in film how the most masculine men are never from America? They are almost always from away Canada , Australia?

It is the enviromental pollution. When our human bodies are inundated by chemicals and there are over tens of thousands of them released in out atmosphere we creat estrogens...hence an over production in woman creates breast cancers and in men they become more feminine. In a bad way.

We are needing to reexamine the home and how we live in it.

we need to police industry in general.

The rate of Autism is sky high...and look at our children a lot more are gender confused and it's biology.

Like 6 legged frogs we are affected by the onslaught of the industrial chemical effulgence.


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Enolough said...

WOw... from cleaning the house to autism and six-legged frogs! That's a drifting mind working :)