Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paul Farmer

I am reading (just) the Tracy Kidder book "Mountains beyond Mountains" about the infectious disease doctor Paul Farmer who lives and works in Haiti trying to combat TB and HIV in the direst of poverty.
I don't need to tell anyone that we here in America cannot imagine what life is like for people living in those circumstances. I know it is their souls working it out and I also think it is our souls needing to find a way to lift our brethren up out of the poverty if we can and if we see the needs of others as important to our day to day lives. It matters if we are to be balanced and if we are to win the war against the diseases that are festering, mutating in the swamps and the delta's of Africa, Haiti, and other outposts we tend to forget about as these issues continue undetected.

This is the true war I feel that is worth fighting Infectious diseases and it alarms me that our government is so focused on say Afghanistan when in fact an out of control virus can do a lot more damage in less time.

So if you get a chance have a read and donate money, time to Paul Framer and his " partners in health" for his hospital in Haiti.

We need to stop TB, HIV and other lovely pathogens including Swine flu that can wreak havoc here in the USA and arond the world.

Some people deserve wings and Paul Farmer is one of them...I will let you know what I think about the book as I finish it.

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