Sunday, May 17, 2009


There is a story that has made the rounds about a famous woman (not me) who was diagnosed with a pretty serious cancer. This woman was on a journey, a spiritual quest very committed to it. She took the information and held it seeing that the doctor was just doing his/her job. She held them in deep respect and love and appreciation. Then she dropped into herself and saw or felt that in fact she didn't have Cancer. It wasn't a correct diagnosis. You say "how can that be?" they saw it the medical world and she didn't.


This is a woman who was a dear customer to doctors in her recent past, she adored visiting them. They were her surrogate companions, they helped her to feel better about herself, she had used them to complete herself.

So when the big word came that she had cancer it's timing couldn't have been worse for the cancer because she didn't see or feel or believe she had it. She said "I couldn't find it and I looked."

So her family insisted more tests be done. So six months go by and they did more tests and there wasn't any cancer.

And yet there was...I am certain there was initially cancer.

I just think sometimes we get a sense of our identity and we remember our truest selves our wholeness and maybe in remembering our perfection and health and love-able-ness we heal.

Or accept a healing.

Chicken or egg you pick.

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