Sunday, May 17, 2009


The FB page aside from being new and I must confess I miss the old one, it feels full of weird bugs. Soon I am moving to a more personal blog site a page where it can be a little less buggy so I hope.
Have anyone else been feeling infected with slowness. Could be the dreaded worm? I have been using my anti virus program on overtime.

I guess it is the Universe pushing me to get going on putting up the new site. I was reveiwing some of the past postings/notes. One thing stands out, it struck me that it is important in relationships to be as open and honest and real as possible anything less isn't provocative enough to sustain interest. Notice that?

I when having social intercourse it is imperative we be as real as possible, hmmm maybe I am putting to much pressure on us?


It's tough I know we have idea's about how we need to act etc...I wonder is it important that people listen to us? believe in what we believe? I don't think so.

It is important we drink our own kool aid and that is it...I have a friend who is a spiritual guide a teacher and she is full of intricate neurotic ticks personality ticks. It's really difficult to hang with her sometimes because she is so afraid. I find it ironic that she teaches faith and trust and helps people to heal but she is frightened all of the time especially when traveling.

It's almost what does it tell me?

It tells me that we are the only patients we can help.

Our story.

Yes, folks help others but truly they are only really helping themselves, okay maybe some people are great teachers.

I have not found a truly great teacher yet on this planet , you know, a perfect spiritual guide...who is flawless. NOT ONE and I am looking.

Does it bug me? Sometimes and then again maybe life wouldn't be as exciting if there was a real true spiritual person on the planet.

Not Mother Teresa ...Dalai Lama no.

I will keep looking and I will let you know when I have found them/him/her/it!

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