Thursday, October 1, 2009


My boyfriend teases me he says I am obsessed with death. It maybe true. I am fascinated by the process I find it very important and something to plan and arrange and cherish if possible. I have had the privilege of witnessing some fine people do it, die. Luckily for me the transitions that I have witnessed were healing, not so sad. Oh sure it's sad because we will not see those souls in this life again, that is sad, and I loved them all deeply. Still the process of dying is interesting to me. I get cranky thinking about how in our culture, we don't have an easier more embracing attitude about this our last dance or rite of passage. I think it's thrilling in the most special way to be going away to the "mystery" to the great unknown. What a gift for us who get to hold and be with the people leaving. It is a gift one we need to respect and if possible enjoy. I know with the very young that is a tall order and I am not making light of grief here...that is not my intention. What a change though if culturally we embraced the event and made it less horrible and sad and more natural and normal and respected the timing as perfect and not say "too soon" instead held the moment as sacred and maybe allow magic in the room. I notice with less resistance magic occurs. Well maybe it's me projecting my hope on the event.

Everyday we transition every second of the day someone somewhere goes. I know when it's my turn if possible I want to be sweet and soft and joyous. There has been so much good in my life and even today as I write this I get lifted up and my heart opens.

The last breath isn' almost feels like a door opening that whoosh as the air changes.


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