Saturday, October 3, 2009


Yesterday I set out to write something about the wonderousness of magic or kismet or flow of being in the zone. I got busy and couldn't it wasn't time. Not that I am there exactly. I am in and out although I prefer to be in the zone. If we allow (there's that word again) ourselves to be carried decisions are made for us. Byron Katie constantly reminds her followers that this is so for her. I have heard her say "Decisions are made for me". She often asks us "who is breathing you?" or "Who is allowing the sun to rise." These are excellent questions which should be gently raised every now and again . I know a scientific reason could be stated for all of the above but there isn't deep satisfaction in the scientific answers not emotionally for me regarding these occurrences. The point of asking these existential questions is to acknowledge the "unknown forces" that take "care" of us (without getting religious) that if we can trust that what we need to get done, will be done, what we need to do, will be accomplished. Everything we are involved in will happen beautifully without our will. This is almost impossible to teach and most think it's mad and everyone normally thinks they have 'something' to do with their day to day life going swimmingly well.Ha, I challenge you to step back just a bit and see if in fact this is true. Okay, not to veer of course. Recently something happened where a friend was forced to face the inevitable move . He has to move, and instead of saying to him "you poor soul what a drag" I care about him (although I am not a fan of the actual moving myself)instead of sad or upset, I feel thrilled for him at the coming adventures, the newness of a new home base. Imagine all of that freshness of community and environment. The Universe is saying GO, probably left up to him he would have procrastinated longer until, what?
He is being pushed by life to get a groove on! Lucky him! So the idea that YOU are driving, as in steering your life, that it is all on your shoulders to get stuff done, is a LIE.

I challenge you to stop thinking THAT and try to softly listen and allow. I don't mean willfully becoming a slug because believe or not that is still "doing" something. I mean listen to the signals and move accordingly. Maintaining an open inner stance.

It is a fun, joyous exercise that makes you more agreeable to live with.

Most of us, feel or fancy we are the sole support of our lives running smoothly. Making us obnoxious (when we think that) and probably someone close to you wishes you would lighten up and stop that.

It's not sexy to be bossy, trust me ...

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Cheryl said...

This sounds like a conversation between "Peggy and Declan." Something "Declan would be saying to Peggy." And "Peggy" taking awhile to understand it.
What you are saying is true and life works much better this way. Kind of like the saying "Let go, let God." Or "Don't worry, be happy."