Friday, October 30, 2009


I remember years ago 25 in fact we were prepared for the collapse of life in civilised America. It was going to be chaos...complete. It never happened and the soothsayers who predicted it were aids infected megalomaniacs charlatans who had young greedy models/actors and the like under their spell until we were not. In fact the head of this particular cult was so racist and strange when he eventually died of aids and God knows what else it occurred to me that I had lost my mind.

I asked myself "how did I let him get so close"? Well he offered me paradise and super powers,safety. All attractive nothing he was capable of giving. So when I came to months later alone in my new house I was so grateful that what was really, truly operating was my own greed. We can recover from THAT if we are lucky.

What was key to my recovery from this particular energetic vampire was my acknowledgement of my greed. My wanting to be a fierce ruling spiritual diva without the work, the commitment the BONA-FICATION. You aren't just dubbed a goddess we have to earn it! And I promise you the path is narrow and very long.

So my ass was kicked by the Eternal values cult,I fully deserved it!


I don't believe we will be destroyed but I do think life in America will change and morph,and become very different from the way it is now.

We must transition out of a"greedy me against you"mind set and become a community

Or we will suffer.


The Explorer said...


glt said...

I keep thinking of the song..."it's the hammer of justice, the bell of freedom, the song about love, all over this land!"...sometimes I feel like it might be starting, but then I get slapped down by generations of those who were taught that it's ok to hate.
I'm not happy with the outlook.
Saturn just entered Libra for the next 3 years...the last time this happened(September 1980)Reagan was elected for the first time. It's very important to promote truth and love now. We can't let hate take a deeper hold. I wish I had more confidence.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

More on Saturn Libra vibe....please. My mom is a libra is she okay? shoudl I ask her to be more cautious?

glt said...

She's fine! I Libra too, and it was a creative, social period for me '80-'83. Saturn should bring us all more discipline to face our relationships and stand up to our enemies. It was in Virgo for 3 years which was good for service to others. We'll just be more self-oriented in one on one relationships, now.
Cheers to Saturn and you and Mom!

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Thank you GLT!