Monday, November 2, 2009


A big fire in a fireplace makes me smile and I must say is almost more welcoming then anything else. We entered my BF's family home last night where his Dad had made a fire. We instantly melted into the soft sofa happy. The cooler temps mean a lot to me. I love dressing for weather ,being in it and the colors smells and emotions. Oh sure some of the holiday drama I could do without but outside where it is obvious we are tumbling into winter I get happy excited.

No matter what happens with the President I read headlines that are negative and of course what this administration is doing we all know will never satisfy everyone , it's impossible. I have a Christmas wish of complete withdrawal from over "there" why that is wrong I still can't fathom.

I think everyone would benefit from the US pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I think everyone one who is against it is entrenched in their thinking attachment to the idea of winning.

No one is winning anything any time soon.

Finally my lovely cousin's husband had a massive heart attack this weekend he is in the ICU. She is afraid and worried and there is nothing we can do except pray and trust and love them.

Who do I pray to and for what? I pray to the creative forces or energy that I want or hope exists outside of the little "I".

I ask for understanding and enlightenment, clarity of this frightening situation.

With all of my heart and soul I give thanks for all of the love that surrounds us.

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glt said...

Oh, Baby! I couldn't get past yer first paragraph. So Fine! I was turning to my sheltering sweetheart(you know how the FB people can screw with you)and the fire place vibe was exactly what I needed! I love the the firepits! and their smell...and the drums at Esalen 5 years ago, and last month at my sister's in Oklahoma...I can make the fire DANCE or REST with my drumming!!! It's effing fantastic!
Not saying I'm special, anybody with the will can do's the IT that's special...just like you,..."tumbling into winter..." ...yer so beautiful! God! I think I'm falling in love! heee heee!