Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have power, stored unleashed unbelievable power. Like that famous Nelson Mandela saying about "playing small" we are frightened by it. When some of us display it in public instantly we/they are separated and if it's a female they are scolded for it. If it is a male usually they are rewarded for their powerful display of manliness. Not fair but what is? Playing small shouldn't be acceptable and yet it is often times demanded of us. yet this nuclear strength our intrinsic divinity is formidable and if it isn't allowed out it will find an outlet and if it isn't productive this outlet bad things can happen. Most of us have no idea or concept of our inner powers and strengths we are not familiar nor do we imagine we could withstand the isolation or derision if we were to step into it and release and expose this power our greatness. We went to the movies last weekend and saw the MJ film "This is it" thoroughly enjoyed the first half and started to feel weird the second half. I was reminded of what I loved about him from the beginning his fantastic musicality. So musical, such talent and so professional. I think that directness does have a cost. It isn't free there will be consequences. Yet if it's true that Buddha lived for 80 years, there must be a way to balance greatness...This was a creature who channeled God force through song and dance, still he MJ, suffered. It is very difficult to look at him.

We celebrate pureness of force when we like the package. Whether it is in art a painting that moves us or song or movements on stage. This force is in all of us. When it doesn't get an outlet it implodes. We implode. I was glad to watch the movie and I am sad his life took a weird turn, then again why be sad? Still I have guilt as if my admiration helped facilitate his weirdness.

This is about our inner strength, it's developement and acceptance.

Power isn't acceptable in most social situations and yet we need it. We need to own our own inner force and learn to use it productively, not shy away from it. We need to facilitate situations where everyone especially young girls learn to use it. Imagine a world where children are not afraid of their inner strengths? Yes!
Where there isn't a code of outdated morality or images of femininity that hinder and hurt our individuality our hard earned awareness our strengths.

High heels/fashion/ body augmentations, binge/anorexia,cutting a toxic mix ready to express as mental illness.

Cultural expression or things designed to make us feel bad, throw us off balance.
Oh sure heels look good according to fashion but they are useless as far as function and like Chinese foot binding horrendous for the body.

Magazines celebrating eternal youth and extreme thinness as the ideal for all of us.

Question the need to be a "girl"...or girlie. High pitched voice and cutesy wootsey ness. Okay in a tween maybe but us, women? Yikes.

I am not saying we shouldn't be soft or gentle. That is absolutely acceptable.
I am just saying celebrate the Tigress too, because she will find a way to get out.
I am convinced this is a root cause of disease.

Suppressing our power.

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glt said...

I wish we could bottle the god-energy, the kundalini, the power of youth feelings...true healing stuff! Of course, the faux christlovers would want to ban it!!! Hypocrites...Damn 'em.