Friday, November 6, 2009


Ah the delicate balance between leading and being a servant to a higher cause. Difficult and obviously not everyone is good at it. There are differing way to lead, some more effective then others. I personally like to have a leader, a captain, someone who is balanced and can guide me. Yet, I like to be a strong member of a team that in times of stress or need will allow me (if needed) to step up and lead. Temperamentally I don't have the patience to be a full time captain, or leader, too frank, too bossy. I can be quite cranky and emotional when I need to be calm. I am working on this flaw but it may not be mastered in this life time. So I never step up that way. Also I am not keen on transference. The passing on to me of every one's "stuff". It's bad enough being a celebrity. Where people gob on to you their ideals of perfection or in my case 'womanhood". It isn't very friendly and it makes for weird moments because no one not even Angelina Jolie can sustain your ideal of perfection. Not possible. No amount of physical or emotional or intellectual beauty will suffice. Perfection isn't a goal.

Still we do need to appreciate those who lead well.

Yes, we have had a few fantastic leaders in America's history. Today I think we have one currently in office, President Obama

I think Obama in spite of not attending to every one's needs is an amazing leader and I am happy he is our fearless leader.

The office of President and all of our governmental processes could use some work, some improvement, change campaign financing for instance. We have greatly improved things in Washington from the previous group who have mashed things up pretty bad giving our current President a TON of impossibles to overcome.

Okay that last bit may be too vague what are impossibles?

Health care (one pay), economic recovery, etc...tough stuff.

I know there are people who are personally ready to over throw him. who are so deeply offended by this African American liberal socialist. Thankfully these people are older and hopefully they will go away soon. We can't have everything...and I can live in a world that is tolerant of intolerance as long as they are not in office.

...That would be intolerable.

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glt said...

I'm with you on personal leadership skills and desires. But if I were thrust into the roll of Prez or Monarch, I like to think I would risk my life attempting perfection for my people. I would debunk all the religious BS that says we can never be good and great. I would change all the laws the first fact I would eliminate them. Life should be lived and decided in the moment!!!