Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Maine repealed gay marriage...sad Mainers. Ruled by the fundamentalists. Only a weirdo would be invested in stopping two people who love each other and want to take their love to the next level. Only some hopped up judgemental creep would care one way or another. People who are law abiding and tax responsible citizens should be allowed to marry whether same sex or what have you. No I am not for underage marriage. I think we should visit the idea that people need to pass a test, get a license to be allowed to have children. Too many have children that cannot raise them properly or safely. Some sadly motivated by a long list a reasons none of them wholesome. Why aren't they fighting for that? These moral a-holes? Oh I know it opens up the argument of rights, and such. We need a license to drive, give massages to people, to administer services etc...but if we want we can bring a defenseless infant into the world, regardless of economic or emotional,psychological preparedness or health, crazy.

These same christian moralists need to eradicate slavery world wide or child abuse and or crimes against woman and children here domestically instead of legislation to prevent adults from expressing their love.

What is wrong with this picture?

We have friends whose eldest daughter is mesmerised by her christian group. The Pastor sounds like a cult leader and from the stories of his elevated sense of character and his families, I reckon this is a cult. My heart goes out to them because when and if she survives this group she will be bruised and hurt.
We get suckered into cults because we want something. Usually it's God's love and a sense of belonging to something important.

I say practise love when ever and where ever we can and one of the first most Loving things we can do as a society is allow adults to marry in peace and with societal support regardless of sexual orientation.

My vote is in and I say allow gay marriage.

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Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,
It is allowed in Ontario thanks to the previous liberal govt. which I voted for so that's great. I have family members who are gay, also lesbian and my best friend is gay so if they want to get married they should be allowed to. I always feel you should look at a person for who they are not what they are. I left the United church of Canada because they wouldn't let in gays at the time.
Have a good day Rae. I've been kind of lazy at my blog. lol.