Sunday, November 29, 2009

The oppressed

It is old news how African Americans are oppressed on many levels and the white poor share many of the hardship so oppression really is color blind. Yet when you add up or tally many things that have occurred in this country over the last two hundred years against the African American it is pretty damning and I know everyone wants to move on yet it matters that people especially of color understand their history and know that our situation in this country isn't all self made. That in fact their are huge hurdles to over come that can be traced to a certain class of folks here that refuse to share a piece of the proverbial pie. I watched the movie "The Blind side" and appreciated they way it showed our ghetto projects how different the experience is on the two sides of town. Affluence and that...misery. It made me think what if the same abuses were given to the ruling elite class in this country no doubt many of them would be destitute and miserable living off of each other and amounting to little like it is for millions who live in the projects of this country. I think the socioeconomic differences in this country between the African American project dwellers/the poor and the ruling white elite can be traced to systemic racism that have occurred throughout the system and that our democracy although better then most countries has been skewed toward others getting the "job" as it were. The healing that needs to continue within our community is one of hope and love and self love...and of course never giving up. We can as group make this situation work in our favor. I suspect the need of one group to dominate everyone else is human nature. Yet something tells me it is coming time to level the field.

I just hope it isn't too awkward and that there isn't blood shed. I may be hopeful yet foolish.

I loved the movie "The Blind side" it seems to bridge understanding and show love and care for humanity. This is key because I still feel there are many people who are afraid of every African American and everyone of them judges us as the same and it's just not true.

Each of us are very very different and each of us has a story...that should be heard.

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