Monday, November 30, 2009

The broader perspective

My dear friend is in it with stress and worry and calm at moments too, his mother is sick, her kidneys have stopped doing their job. We are hopeful that she will clean up her blood and one day heal and no longer need dialysis. It isn't an easy road and my heart goes out to them. It did help inspire a thought about LIFE. I wish it were a simple topic but I will give it a try; The Broader perspective meaning what lies beyond our understanding about our individual lives. What it is that all of this means both to us as individuals and as a collective whole. What if we can't see everything we need to see in order to have complete understanding of say hardships. That everything is perfection and we are not ever in "the wrong place" and that we benefit from even the most unsavory of experiences because it is all designed to enhance our journey and help us help ourselves. Yet here now in this life we can only see a portion of what is going on or how it will benefit us. There is no way to push against this or prove it really. I think organized religion tries to form or shape or give an envelope to what could be "gods" work. Personally it isn't enough for me, I need more. I also want to understand an Omnipotent intelligence that is supreme. I want to understand how this being can allow say child abuse and every other crime against creatures in the entire Universe. Big subject this and I know there isn't an easy answer.

We have a whole slew of ideas and people with theories and of course none of them prove-able. So it once again leaves us with "faith' which to some of us is a dirty word. Okay, I try to wrap my understanding around say rape and torture of children (any rape or torture) but I cannot. I don't understand the act and I don't understand a GOD that allows this to occur. I can only allow an idea that maybe it has to do with a broader story a perspective that somehow benefits us. That something is bigger and more complicated then we could ever understand and the very acts that are unmentionable and yet happen to innocents and not so innocents that somehow there is a benefit. STILL...

I don't understand it and I can only breath in and out with some comfort "hopeful" that in fact we just don't get to know or see the bigger picture, the broader perspective and if we could we would see that EVERYTHING is a good thing for everyone it happens to. That we are not alone , that we are held in the highest place of love and respect. I know I may come off as a simpleton and maybe it is exactly what I am but I struggle with God as an omnipotent supreme being and all knowing who allows bad things to happen to us. I just don't get it...until I allow for knowing only a small portion of the story.

Then I think Ah, it's a question of perspective and our puny minds can't handle it,

... YET!


Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,
I don't begin to understand it either. I think maybe because this is earth and we are in a physical world. But He is God, he can do anything, save anyone but He chooses not to. Have to ask why? Why are some prayers answered and others are not. We won't know til we get to heaven. Is the world based on fate or freewill or both. I think it's both. Healing thoughts for the mom going through this. Love, Cheryl.

coach ilg said...

Most Precious Yogini RC,

Om Mani Padme Hung...
sending healing Light and Love...

steve ilg
the reverend coach